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LOVE the wubs. Very choppy and precise.
5/5 fam.
This is lit af.

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The space vibes from the synths compliment this perfectly... whats not to love?

Excellent builds, precise drops, quality samples.

5/5 from me.
Keep it up 💯

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Sorry fam but I wasnt really feeling it...

The parts where the song goes soft and you kept repeating "im crazy" sounded off beat because of the way you were saying it... the lyrics also fell very flat and I couldnt relate to them because the tone was so mellow.

Try to keep to the rythm more with your lyrics! Really bring out your tone! I dont just wanna be told your crazy, I wanna be SURPRISED! SHOW US HOW CRAZY YOU REALLY ARE! 😃👏 really get into it and be passionate about it you feel me??

I do like the edgy beat to it as well, even though its basic it flows good with the main parts of the song.

Keep workin at it bud! There is room for improvement, but you have skill 💯

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Scuinox responds:

well the point of them being off beat was because I'm crazy so I think it fit the part to almost sound crazy to the effect of being so crazy that I'm not singing a song like I'm actually crazy.


Super chill buildup fam. Loved the suspense before the drop really strikes.

This is above par to most stuff i hear, and I really like this style for the instruments and synthesizers you used.

Solid 5/5 from me.
Keep making music fam you got a good ear for it 🙌

Nathan-Desjardins responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) And will do! I love doing this...

I like what youve got so far, but I feel like it could use more variation with some subtle sounds effects and noise gate buildups.

Overall its decent! Try to fade in some reverb over the precussion to add dimension to your softer sections 💪💪 keep up the good work fam 💯

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Epicamente-PACKman responds:

Thank you very much for the advice my brother, I will appreciate you very much

Intro kicks ass dude ✌

Good build!

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Oh dude this is professional shit...

Really good use of filters and a solid EQ.
My shit still pops occasionally Im definitely learning still...

Awesome stuff keep it up!
Good luck getting a new pad! ✌

Super chill!
It can be a little repetitious at times... but it definitely fits the style well so no complaints.

Solid work traveller.
you got talent.

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SOLID fuckin remix brah.

The dubs are super clear quality, and your frequencies are very well organized.

The only negative was the intro for me, it was a little uninteresting but the slam definitely made up for it ✌

JPBFan responds:

Thanks 4 another great review and also merry Christmas

A great start! Keep it up fam

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